Empowering Strategic Web3 Development and Adoption

We advance Web3 through strategic development and push for safe mass adoption. Our diverse specialists leverage a vast network for expert consulting in marketing, community management, and project development. We push Web3 boundaries, ensuring innovative solutions and impactful results.

World Map
World Map

Web 3.0 Spans the Globe

In an era of rapid digital evolution, Web 3.0 bridges geographical boundaries, fostering global connectivity among individuals and enterprises alike.

Driving Global Innovation

We drive global innovation by collaborating with leading partners worldwide, harnessing diverse expertise to shape the future of Web 3.0 technologies.

Our Global Footprint

Lion's Share Group is committed to broadening our global footprint, empowering clients in 5 continents to adopt and thrive in the decentralized landscape.

About Us

Who we Are

At Lion's Share Group, we are at the forefront of Web3 evolution. Our expert members are influential and experienced and are united as a dynamic and powerful Pride. With our depth of in-house expertise, unwavering commitment and market reach, we drive technical advancement and Web3 adoption.

We don't just predict the future, we shape it.

Global Marketing Reach in 5 continents

Our Services
Lion's Mark

Marketing Management

Our Marketing Management service offers comprehensive oversight, tailored strategies, and expert guidance. We leverage high-quality global KOL networks, provide detailed performance reports, and connect you with top full-stack marketing partners.

Lion's Mark

Promotion and Exposure

We leverage our extensive Web3 network for strategic partnerships and collaborations, provide featured listings in all our groups, and offer a full suite of PR services on the X Platform. Benefit from exclusive 360° infographic reviews, highlighted Medium blogs on Coinmonks, and engaging AMAs to ensure your project gains the attention it deserves.

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Community Support

We provide 24-hour global Telegram support, facilitate engaging AMAs, and implement robust security features. Our team develops informative content, drives positive sentiment, organizes community competitions, and uses promotional tools like Telegram raiding bots to keep your community active and engaged.

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Lion's Share Approved KOL Agency

Our Lion's Share Approved KOL Agency connects you with top-tier, verified influencers for impactful campaigns. We tailor strategies for maximum reach, handle all logistics from content creation to timing execution, and streamline payments into a single transaction.

Our Commitment

Why Us?

We leverage a vast Web3 Global network for impactful collaborations and partnerships. Our expert community management team ensures strong support. We provide daily consulting on strategies, project development, and marketing management. Choose us for resonating messages and exceptional campaign results.

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Vast Social Media Reach

Our extensive network includes region-specific KOLs and marketing experts across 5 continents, expanding your reach globally.

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Strategic Partnership

Our global network spans all Web3 sectors, including GameFi, Layer 1, DePin, DeFi, and Marketing, offering partnerships and collaboration tailored to client needs.

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Expert Community Management

We build and nurture vibrant communities with continuous support, engagement strategies, and community-driven initiatives for sustained growth and active participation. 

Lion's Mark

Project Development Advisory

Our in-house SMEs provide daily support and expert advice on project / marketing development, ensuring strategic guidance and successful implementation. 

Our Partners
Expertise You Can Rely On
At Lion's Share Group, we pride ourselves on our strategic alliances with industry-leading partners. These collaborations enable us to provide unmatched expertise and innovative solutions in the Web3 space.
Our Portfolio
Our portfolio showcases successful projects and strategic affiliations that drive the adoption and growth of decentralized technologies.
What Our Clients Have to Say
Hear from our clients as they share their experiences and successes with Lion's Share Group. Discover how our tailored approach and dedicated support have made a significant impact on their journey in the decentralized space.

The Lion’s Share introduced us to high value partners that added huge benefits to our project

I was introduced to the Lions Share core ethos of finding quality projects that are looking to help shape web3 for the better.

Couldn't recommend these professionals enough!

The core team members of FBG and I are very grateful to call the Lions Share a part of our team.

I was quickly able to start rising in followers and gained major industry insight and networks opened by being a member.

The Lions Share has been instrumental in helping our core team members guide the marketing needs of the Web3 world with Expertise, wisdom, and patience.

Meet the Team


Founder of Lion's Share Group, strategically positions the Lion's Share Group as a specialist for Web3 clients, leveraging their ultra-high-value SME global network to catalyze growth.



Our Head of Communications. Experienced crypto consultant specialising in Web3 analysis, marketing demographics and content writing. A Key Opinion Leader for Web3 projects.



Our Head of Community Relations. Proficient in cryptocurrency, SME in community management, creator of impactful whitepapers and pitch decks. VC investment procurement lead.



Head of Social Media. Combines seasoned Web3 knowledge with a premium London health and fitness business background. He has driven Lion's Share's social media growth and excels in leading clients project marketing support.

Business Manager

Geordie Nakamoto

An experienced fintech professional with a background in international economics and onboarding Key Opinion Leaders. A seasoned trader, Chartered Institute of Managers member, and six years of web3 experience. As a former European community manager for OceanEx and Bybit, he's driven impactful crypto fintech marketing strategies.

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Get ready to showcase your passion for blockchain technology and decentralized finance with our carefully curated merchandise. Stay tuned as we bring you a range of products that reflect our dedication to helping projects and ventures thrive in the crypto space.

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